Family Owned + Women Owned + Minority Owned

Ethnicity Cosmetics is more than just another B.O.M.B (Black Owned Makeup Brand) for women, it’s a brand focused on breaking barriers and revolutionizing the world of beauty by providing a platform focused on the curation and development of products for melanated skin.

The company was founded in 2017 by Christia'n Annice and Mother Kim Blodgett. The mother and daughter duo, have extensive backgrounds in the beauty and business industry and have established a successful small business consulting corporation that has helped well over 400+ women build sustainable small businesses and lifestyles through their guidance, mentorship, and network.

The mother & daughter duo knew that with the success of the network, that they could create another platform to further expand the opportunity for women to build, and sustain their busy lifestyles. By simply providing quality products that women could be proud of, and creating a system and opportunity of success, the duo designed Ethnicity Cosmetics to help women win.

Ethnicity Cosmetics was built by women of color, for women of color, to help empower, elevate, and cultivate a community of unity through our platform and prestige products. 

“Our mission is to provide a cosmetics & skincare line that doesn’t just enhance your beauty, but also empowers your spirit, while boosting your confidence and income."

Ethnicity Cosmetics, breaking barriers and creating new standards in the world of beauty. 

"One of our motto's.....Learn, Earn, & Grow, While Looking Good and Building A Legacy."


This isn't a prop, or a trend, it's a company designed for women to win!

A lasting priority, making a visual stance in the world of beauty.



Ethnicity Cosmetics works with leading manufacturers to ensure  that our products comply with global beauty standards, that include cruelty free testing, safety audits, social inspections, diversity and other compliance. 


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